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Android App Development is the process of creating apps for the android operating devices. Android is a software package for mobile devices. Java language was mainly used in developing Android App but now new language is arrived i.e. Kotlin. Android is an open-source technology. Anyone can use the android technology without any payment . Customization on android platform can be done by anyone. It provides various features like GPS, weather detail, media, music, communication and soon.

Benefits Of Having An Android App

  • Smart phones becoming more powerful every day, so having an app will increase your customers.
  • It offers customer better data than web portal.
  • By having an app your business will be prepared for the future.
  • Apps performs more valuable task than laptops and computers.
  • A business who does not have an app considered as an outdated business in rhis modern era.
  • Its only app who made it possible to send customer information according to their previous search.

What We Can Provide In An App ?

  • Voice-Based Features
  • Multi-touch
  • Screen-Capture
  • TV Recording
  • Video Calling
  • Multiple Language Support
  • Bluetooth
  • Tethering
  • Streaming Media Support
  • External Storage
  • Hardware Support
  • GPS
  • Optimised Graphics
  • Head Set Layout
  • Messaging- SMS, MMS, C2DM, GCM and soon

What Kind Of Application We Can Provide ?

  • Custom Android Application
  • Mobile Advertising Application
  • Web Page Android Mobile Application
  • Android Based Mobile Ecommerce Solution
  • Hybrid Android Application
  • Cross Platform Android Application
  • Social Networking Based Android Application
  • Entertainment & Multimedia Android Application
  • SMS Gateway Android Application
  • HTML5 Android Application
  • NATIVE Android Application
  • Android Application Testing & QA Services
  • Gaming Android Application

How The Net Technology Works ?

The Net Technology follows proper methodology in developing an app whether it's a small app or bigger. But our methodology requirements varies according to the requirements of our customer. In our app making, we firstly analyse the requirements by performing various meeting with our client. A proper team is assigned for each and every project as per the project functionality demand. Then our experts team perform planning for the development of app after that the project is passed on to the designing team.

When designing work is completed project passes on to the next stage which is development phase. Then various testing performed by our special testing team for ensuring the quality of app before submitting it to our valuable customer. Even after final submission of the project we provide our precious customer a special facility of maintenance in which we solve their problems regarding to your project.

Why Choose Us ?

Our team of android development is having experience in developing android app and moreover they seize detailed understanding of new technology of android app development and information about all of its tools.
Our team's innovative work always tries to play a vital role in bringing your business to top by making highly flexible and accessible app, so that customers can easily use your app and love to use your app. We always try to provide you your app at an affordable price. Our doors always remains open to solve customers' problem even after complete submission of your project. Our team always works hard in providing our valuable clients high quality products.